What is Off-Page SEO of Websites

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Off-page escort SEO. If we understand how external factors can influence our resource, we will get an answer to the question what is external optimization. The factors that affect our site from outside are of course the links and the more the better. But here it is worth mentioning not all links are equally good and therefore linking to the site links should preferably be as "fat" as possible. External links as well as internal ones (but to a lesser extent) play a very important role in the promotion of the site, it is important first of all not the quantity, but their quality.

In escort seo there is such understanding as trust of a site, that is a site with reputation (trust it is translated from English as belief, trust). So, for your website to increase its trust, it needs links from other sites with a good reputation in the opinion of the search engines, and the more such sites link to yours the better. This probably will stop about the site's trust. This is a fairly large topic and requires a separate article, and how trustworthiness helps external optimization, it has become and so I think clearly.

Another not unimportant moment for external optimization is the subject matter of the site that refers to you. That is, if you have a website about cars then links from car sites similar to your theme will be better than from websites about cats.

Well, the last important external factor is the correct anchor of the links. Anchor is the very text of the link referring to our site. For example, for our web studio, good anchors will be the creation of sites in London, promotion and promotion of sites and so on. That is, we need links on which we want to promote the site. It should be noted that links with the desired anchor should refer to the promoted pages that contain the keywords that the anchor. It is also desirable that the links to our pages are surrounded by text with the necessary keys.