What is Organic SEO?

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Organic SEO – Organic Search Engine Optimization is the complex of techniques to obtain higher rankings in Google and other search engines.
Organic SEO has its own benefits comparing to paid advertisements. With organic SEO and thanks to Website Marketing, people will find your website much more easy in Google, when they are searching for the services that you offer.

10-15 years ago, SEO was a much easier process than now. It was enough to make a website correctly, with keyword and description, place a few hundred backlinks with relevant anchors, and you've got it! Today it is a much more complicated process due to many factors, appeared in the recent ten years. Obeying Google (or any other search engine) Guidelines is not enough. Just think: those guidelines were read by millions, obeyed by thousand, but top 10 consists only the same ten strokes! And it seems there will be less (giving way to advertisements). Thus, your escort website is not only should be well-tailored and optimized, but it should have much more non-revealed factors, that every serious SEO specialist invented by itself and will never publish it anywhere, comparing to the tons of trash para-SEO information everywhere in public.

Today, the search engine optimization business is different. Search engines are more advanced and use more and more clever ranking algorithms. More advanced are the optimizers, who still try to deceive the search engines and their algorithms. The struggle between optimizers and search engines continues all the time and will never end.

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